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MikeBonnell.com is a niche computer wallpaper / desktop background website featuring images created by digital artist Mike Bonnell. This website has a public area with 10 of the latest Mike Bonnell creations available for free download and the Vintage Site with images created between 1997-2004 available for free download. The MikeBonnell.com Membership Site features all of the latest Mike Bonnell creations for a small fee. Images are sized for mobile devices, single screens and dual screen computers

Mike Bonnell's artistic output has ebbed and flowed over the years and after a long hiatus, he decided in November 2010 to relauch his website and began creating new artwork for the first time since 2004. Some of the best of these new images are now available and the rest are scheduled for release over the coming months.

Additionally, Mike is producing artwork again and he is looking forward to releasing a new series of surreal landscapes in addition to the new abstracts. When they are ready, they too will be scheduled for release.

Mike Bonnell hopes that you find something on this site which brightens your day and that you find suitable to grace your screen. The motto of this website is and has been since its launch in April 1997: Creating Space and Freedom through Art.

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