New images have been released – Mike Bonnell is back and creating new artwork


I hope you enjoy the new site and find something interesting to grace your screen. Ten new abstracts have been released for public download and thirty-one new abstracts can be downloaded for a small fee from the membership area. All new images are available pre-sized for mobile devices, single monitors and dual screens.

These are the first new images since 2004 and going forward I think I can maintain releasing one new image a week for 8 months of the year, but if this is too much I will slow the pace to maintain quality. New images will be released into the public gallery and public images will be moved into the membership site. This will keep the public content fresh and continuously add value to the membership. New releases start in September 2011 and all of the existing images have been moved into the Vintage Site and are still available for download.

As far as why I stopped and why I have now started again, well let us just say I have had my share of interesting experiences which I have done my best to navigate. If you have ever had a toxic person in your life, you have some idea of the challenges I have faced. Unfortunately there are people in this world who have very low self esteem and who think that the only way they can feel better about themselves is by denigrating those around them. Ironically it never works and they end up feeling worse. There is much I could say in this area, but that is the past and not the future. The good news is I have grown, healed and moved on and am now ready to create and communicate again so that makes this a special moment.

My vision for is for it to be a place where people can come and find something interesting and uplifting. I see it as a niche site which I hope to make into a very special place.

I can not promise you are going to like the images I create. All I can do is be true to what speaks for me. Thank you for visiting and I hope you received something of value and had an aesthetically pleasing experience.


Mike Bonnell

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